September 10th, 2013, 3:58 pm


Hello everyone,

I'm so sorry it took me two years (has it really been that long? XD) to get round to posting this. I thought I'd already done it.

The Breakwater comic is on indefinite hiatus (just in case you couldn't already tell :P). It just wasn't working out. I fully intend to complete the novel, but for now I have turned my attentions to the other story I've been working on.

Wired is my other project, a sci-fi/cyberpunk story. The novel has been accepted by a publisher and will be available to buy on Amazon in the near future, and I'm also releasing a comic adaptation. You can find it here:

To repeat: Breakwater will NOT be updated any time soon. I'm merely leaving it here because it may be returned to in the future. My current project is Wired and is the only one I am currently working on.

Apologies to anyone who was enjoying Breakwater. I hope you enjoy Wired just as much :)

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